U.S. Nationals Among Wounded in Helicopter Crash, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

At approximately 0951 EST, reports began to emerge that a helicopter had crashed in the Recrieo dos Bandeirtantes area of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

By 0953, local press confirmed that five people were injured and none had died in the crash. Local Brazilian media (Ultimo Segundo) reported that:

“A helicopter crashed in the Recreio neighborhood, in the West Zone of Rio , this Wednesday morning . In addition to the aircraft’s pilot, four people were on the aircraft; two men and two women.

The pilot received first aid procedures while still at the accident site, while the two couples were taken to the Lourenço Jorge Municipal Hospital, in Barra da Tijuca.”

According to the report, the two couples consisted of Argentine and American citizens.

The airframe appears to be an Airbus H-130 based on the Fenestron tail rotor (enclosed) and three propeller blades. The H-135 and H-140, while similar, have four blades.