President Zelensky Reportedly to Visit U.S. Before a Joint Congressional Session

According to Chad Pergram, Ukrainian President Zelensky will visit Capitol Hill tomorrow and address a joint session of the Congress on the House floor.

By November 2022, the United States Congress has approved more than 68B USD to Ukraine in its fight against the Russian Federation. This visit will undoubtedly be a campaign for increased supplies and funding for a Ukrainian counteroffensive in Zaporizhzia Oblast and to stem Russian gains near Bakhmut.

This is possibly the first international trip by the embattled Ukrainian President since the February 24th, 2022 Russian invasion. He has chosen to address several audiences including NATO, the G-20, and the Grammys via teleconference. The importance of his possible visit to Washington cannot be overstated enough. As Ukraine enters European winter, American support is needed more than ever, especially in the face of Iranian support to the Russian Federation.

This also explains a cryptic message from former-House Speaker Pelosi to her colleagues as Capitol Police begins to beef up security in the Capital.