Civil disobedience and unrest continue after the Taliban prohibits women from attending university

Over the past 12 hours, tensions have continued to rise in Afghanistan’s population centers as Afghans protest the Taliban’s recent move to prohibit women from attending universities in the country.

Taking no chances with a challenge to their power, the Taliban have mobilized their troops to squash any displays of dissent. Reports are currently stating that approximately 2,200 fighters have been deployed to the Kabul region.

The presence of these Taliban fighters is apparently the heaviest in the area of Kabul where the universities are. Taliban troops have also been sent to other major cities in Afghanistan.


Those opposed to the ban have not taken this lying down and there have already been multiple instances of disobedience and protest.

Reportedly, more than 10 lecturers at the Afghan university have resigned their positions to protest and publicly express their opposition to the ban on female students.

Below is a recently filmed video of Afghan women protesting in the streets. Note, the Taliban has already begun arresting protesters.