Taliban Lash Out at Prince Harry After Claiming He Killed 25 Militants While in Afghanistan

In his upcoming autobiography “Spare,” Prince Harry claimed that he had killed 25 Taliban insurgents while serving in Afghanistan in the British Army, according to British media that obtained versions of the book before its January 10 release. Harry is said to have described the militants as “chess pieces” taken off of the board, further adding that “It’s not a number that fills me with satisfaction, but nor does it embarrass me.”

The coverage in British media quickly caught the attention of Taliban officials, who have ramped up messaging against Prince Harry by calling him a war criminal. 

In a statment, the Taliban police spokesman Khalid Zadran said that “Prince Harry will always be remembered in Helmand – Afghans will never forget the killing of their innocent countrymen,” adding “The perpetrators of such crimes will one day be brought to the international court and criminals like Harry who proudly confess their crimes will be brought to the court table in front of the international community.”