Ukrainian forces still holding Soledar despite Russian push

According to reports, the Ukrainian forces tasked with defending the Donbas city of Soledar are still holding their positions.

Recently, Russian forces have heavily focused their efforts on the city and have been inching toward its center.

Today, RIA Novosti published an article that includes statements made by LPR police colonel Vitaly Kiselev.

He had this to say about the fight for Soledar, “My recent alleged statement about the retreat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Soledar is the speculation of journalists. The Armed Forces of Ukraine put up stiff resistance and retreat only where they are stormed by units of the Wagner PMC”.

Soledar holds importance in the greater Russian effort to take Bakhmut, located roughly 10 kilometers down the road.

In the map below, the areas in red show the approximate location of Russian positions. The blue triangles highlight Soledar and Bakhmut.

Map via liveuamap.