US and Ukraine Report No Indications of Russian Offensive from Belarus at this Time

While speaking to reporters yesterday, Pentagon Press Secretary Air Force Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder said that so far there is “no indication of any type of offensive action that looks imminent” by Russian forces in Belarus despite continued troop movements into the country and joint exercises, but “we’ll continue to closely monitor.” When asked if any of the troop or equipment movements into Belarus have raised any concerns, Ryder replied that “nothing at this stage that I would consider concerning.”

This has recently been reiterated by Ukrainian military and border guard officials, who have said that there are no indications that Belarusian or Russian forces have begun to form battle groups or position themselves for an offensive at this time. Since the withdrawal of Russian forces from northern Ukrainian fronts last April, Ukrainian forces have been preparing for a potential second attempt, especially since October when Russian and Belarusian forces created a “joint task force” for exercises along the border.