Ukraine Pushes Criminal Case on Wagner CEO

Ukraine Pushes Criminal Case on Wagner CEO


Ukraine has announced that it will be pressing criminal charges on Wagner group boss “Yevginy Prigozhin” for violation of Ukrainian territorial integrity and for aggression on the battlefield.

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine named Andriy Kostin believes that Wagner and the soldiers they recruited are responsible for multiple war crimes across the wars many fronts.

They look to ensure that all ranks and personnel involved are held accountable and are relying on international cooperation to make it so. This comes after a former commander was arrested in Norway for similar charges. The Prosecutor General has expressed a willingness to prosecute those who have abandoned the group as well.

The commander who was captured is named Andrey Medvedev and he has supposedly expressed a willingness to speak out against the Wagner group to ensure that those who are recruiting prisoners and committing war crimes are swiftly brought to justice.

He is not the only Wagner personnel who is potentially speaking out, there was another former Wagner fighter of (at this time) unknown name or rank who is seeking asylum in France.

Time will likely tell how captured Wagner personnel are to be handled. As of right now, the EU is giving Ukraine the cooperation in it had hoped for by capturing and holding ex-Wagner personnel.

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