Kenya’s Divine Appeal

As East Africa faces one of the worst droughts in decades, Kenya is deciding to take a unique approach to solving the crisis.

« I urge all people from all faiths … to pray for our country »  said William Ruto, Kenya’s President, asking for people to pray that Kenya is blessed with rain. Kenya, among much of East Africa, has had 5 consecutive dry rainy seasons. The drought, which many researchers say is only being worsened by climate change, has led to mass food insecurity in effected areas.

Kenya has been in rough shape for quite some time, with youth unemployment at very high levels. William Ruto’s government has a plan to fix the nations struggling economy, however unfortunately that plan relies upon March-May’s rainy season being a success. And so, Ruto, and many of his people who answered his call, turn their hopes upwards.

« As a government we have set out elaborate plans for food security, we have seeds, ample fertilizer, and water harvesting strategies including dams. We now need God to send us the rain »