U.S. Kills ISIS Prison Attack Planner

United States Central Command (CENTCOM) announced today that a counter-ISIS raid killed Ibrahim Al Qahtani, an ISIS planner who reportedly was involved in multiple ISIS attacks on detention centers throughout Syria. The most high profile ISIS detention center attack was the Battle of al-Hasakah which was a large-scale Islamic State attack and prison riot aimed at freeing arrested fighters of the Islamic State from al-Sina’a prison in the Ghuwayran (Geweran) area of Al-Hasakah, Syria, which resulted in a partial strategic victory and major propaganda victory for the Islamic State, with hundreds of prisoners, including important Emirs, being freed from captivity. The attack was the largest attack committed by the Islamic State since it lost its last key Syrian territory in 2019.

159 SDF personnel were killed in the battle and more than 350 ISIS combatants were killed. 3,600 of the nearly 4,000 freed prisoners were rearrested. However, 400 were listed as missing once the last ISIS militants were killed or withdrew.

The battle lasted from January 20th, 2022 to January 30th, 2022.