Metal Factory Explosion in Bedford, Ohio

First responders arrived at a Oakwood Village metal plant in Bedford, Ohio after explosions were reported around 2pm local time, Monday afternoon February 20th. After discovering a raging fire they began to make efforts to extinguish it while working to recover survivors, firefighters reportedly now have the blaze under control. Thirteen people were sent to the hospital, one in critical condition, with a number of burn victims and one person who had to be pulled from the rubble. Reportedly the metal shop was the “I. Schumann & Co.” copper alloy shop. Eye witnesses reported gravel and steel beams flying in the air around the plant following the explosion and the smoke, the shock wave was felt up to half a mile away. Debris from a brick wall and the plant impacted local residents vehicles and domiciles. Reportedly a similar explosion happened in 2006 at the same plant according to WKYC.