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Russian Anti-War Presidential Candidate Barred from Election by State Commission

Opposition Barred: Russian media sources have begun to report that Boris Nadezhdin, who hoped to run for president, has been barred from candidacy by Russia's Central Election Commission. Reportedly, this came after a surge of support from Russian citizens for...

Netanyahu Says He Told U.S He Wants No Palestinian State Postwar

Netanyahu Statements: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday reaffirmed his position on the war in Gaza in a televised news conference where he said that he had informed the U.S. that he would seek to have no Palestinian state...

Russian Ex-President and Security Council Deputy Speaks on Total Annexation of Ukraine; Says Join Russia or Die

Russian Government's Foundation for Annexation: Russian ex-president/prime minister and current deputy chairman of Russia's security council right under Putin, Dmitry Medvedev, today made statements further making clear the Russian government's stance on the war and Ukraine's right to sovereignty by...

EU Warns Azerbaijan over President Aliyev’s Claims and Statements on Armenian Territory

EU Warns Azerbaijan Over Territory Claims: The EU has issued several statements including warnings to Azerbaijan that diplomatic relations will be severely injured if President Aliyev carries out his proposed plan of taking control of eight Armenian villages, as well...

U.S Vetoes Popular Humanitarian Ceasefire Resolution for Gaza in United Nations Security Council

A vastly popular United Nations resolution calling for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza was vetoed by the United States at the U.N. Security Council on Friday. The vote for the resolution was 13-1, with the United Kingdom choosing...

Rough Weather in Southern Ukraine

Extreme winter weather and storm conditions in mostly southern regions of Ukraine, and notably Odesa, is currently ongoing, affecting both civilian life and infrastructure availability, as well as military operations. Some of the storm is overlapping with bordering Russian...

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