Over a Dozen Wounded in Cameroon Marathon Bombing

Local media have reported that at least 19 people, including nine runners, were wounded after a roadside IED detonated at the Mountain Race of Hope in Buea, Cameroon. 

Capo Daniel, Deputy Defense Chief of the Ambazonia Defense Forces rebel group, claimed responsibility for the attack, but said the blast was meant to target Cameroon military forces.

Daniel tweeted that “Our Primary target of the Mountain race was the Cameroon occupation terrorist BIR that are responsible for atrocities in Ambazonia.civilian casualties were unintended.Please stay away from places where the Cameroon BIR are presence we are at war.”

Since 2017, English-speaking Ambazonian rebels have sought to establish their own independent state from the majority French-speaking populace. Since then, Ambazonia separatists have been waging a guerrilla campaign in the southwest region of Cameroon, which has seen numerous reports of ethnic violence.