Israeli Pilots Protest Netanyahu

37 of the 40 reservists in Israel’s 69th Squadron, an F-15 Squadron, have announced in a letter on the 5th of March that they will not be attending their training set for Wednesday the 8th of March as apart of protesting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coming judicial reforms. The reforms would significantly curb the power of Israel’s supreme court, and many see it as a way for him to potentially protect himself from pending corruption charges.

The pilots protest is apart of a larger motion of protests throughout the nation, which saw crowds of 150,000 in Tel Aviv alone, and many others throughout the nation.

Though Netanyahu has not responded directly to the protests, he did tweet a photo of himself when he was conscripted, with the caption “When called up for reserve duty, we always turn up. We are one nation”.

Netanyahu’s administration has faced constant protests since his re-election, as many hail it as being one of the most nationalistic and right-wing governments Israel has ever had.