Palestinian “Joint Operations Room” Releases Statement as Houthi’s Vow to Assist if War Breaks Out

The Palestinian “Joint Operations Room”, a grouping of representatives from over a dozen Palestinian militant groups, has released its first communiqué since December in regards to the recent clashes over the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The statement reads:

The Joint Operations Room of the Palestinian Resistance Factions:

In light of the enemy’s threats to our resistance and our people in Gaza, we confirm the readiness of the resistance to confront and respond with full force to any aggression and to defend our people wherever they are. 

The criminal enemy must cease its barbaric aggression against Al-Aqsa Mosque as well as the worshipers and those performing i’tikaf in it, and stop the farce of exporting its internal crises towards our people and our sanctities.

Their statement comes as Israeli planes are currently airborne launching strikes in Gaza, and are expected to launch more later in Lebanon.

According to Israel’s Channel 12, the Houthi rebels in Yemen have vowed to assist Hezbollah and the Palestinians if war were to break out with Israel. Notably, both the Houthi Rebels and Hezbollah are supported by Iran. Tensions have risen drastically since Israeli police were filmed beating several people during a raid on the Al-Aqsa mosque. Clashes have broken out across Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza since the raid and are still ongoing.