Erdogan Skips Campaign Events After Health Scare

Turkey’s election is steadily approaching and campaigning season is in full swing, which appears to have taken its toll on Turkish President Erdogan. On Tuesday evening he fell ill during a TV interview, which had began an hour and a half late, apparently sick from a “serious stomach cold”, which he later called a minor inconvenience. The interview was paused for about 20 minutes while he struggled with the problem off-camera, before later coming back and explaining the issue. He stated the issue is likely due to the “intense campaign work” he’d been doing Monday and Tuesday.

Today, Wednesday, he skipped his scheduled campaign appearances, on the advice of his doctor, and in his stead sent Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay. In a twitter post, the President stated his intent to hopefully return to the campaign trail tomorrow.

Turkey’s election is on May 14th, and as it presently stands, Erdogan is behind opposition leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu in the polls, so every moment is crucial in determining the election a victory or a loss.