Man Claiming to be an Intelligence Officer Illegally Accesses ROK Marine Base

According to Yonhap News reporter Park Soo-yoon, a man claiming to be a counter-intelligence officer gained access to the Republic of Korea’s Marine Corps Division area onboard the Pohang Naval Base on April 28th, 2023.

The man drove through the primary checkpoint while a large crowd was passing through for a changeover ceremony for a Commanding Officer. He affixed a security light on his vehicle and claimed to be a member of the ROK Marine Corps’ Counter-Intelligence service. His credentials were not verified by the guards.

He was eventually arrested two and a half hours later when guards saw him wandering around sensitive areas. He is currently in custody awaiting possible charges relating to the Military Criminal Act and the Protection of Military Bases and Military Facilities Act.

This is now the second incident in recent memory at this installation after an elderly man drove his bicycle through a security check point, although that man was arrested after five minutes.