Two Russian Trains Derailed in Sabotage Operations Targeting Bryansk

Over the past two days, two Russian trains have derailed due to explosive devices planted on tracks in Russia’s Bryansk region, which sits directly on the border with Ukraine.

On Monday, a freight train traveling along the Bryansk-Unecha railway in the eastern Unechsky District struck an explosive device planted on the track, causing the locomotive and seven of its carriages to derail and catch fire. Bryansk governor Alexander Bogomaz reported on his Telegram that there were no casualties from the incident.

On Tuesday, another freight train struck an explosive device and derailed in the Bryansk district on tracks between Snezhetskaya and Beliye Berega. At least 20 rail cars reportedly derailed, however, this has not been confirmed. Bogomaz also reported no casualties in this latest incident as well.

Pro-Ukrainian saboteurs have frequently targeted railway infrastructure in Russia since the start of the invasion, but operations appear to have increased in 2023. One such incident deep in Russia back in January targeted the Trans-Siberian Railway in Krasnoyarsk, which has been a key railway for moving stored Russian military equipment in Siberia westward towards the front.