Mass Shooting, Allen Premium Outlets, Allen, Texas


Update 21:00 CST: The Allen PD and local officials have now finally confirmed that there have been 9 people killed, with 8 people victims and one being the shooter in the shooting at the Allen Outlet Mall, along with 7 others hospitalized. They also have confirmed that there was only 1 shooter, clearing up confusion from earlier that there might have been two. The shooter was killed by an armed Mall Cop.


Update 19:02 CST: Allen PD have reported than 9 victims have been transported to a local hospital. There are no reports of how many are killed or the extent of the wounded.

Update 18:20 CST: Video surfacing showing one of the shooters exiting a silver vehicle and opening fire. It is not confirmed if this is the shooter who was killed on scene or the other shooter who then fled, as reports earlier say that the second shooter fled in a silver vehicle.

Update 17:12 CST:
Reports are also coming out that one shooter is down and another is still at large. Some reports show that the second suspect fled in a vehicle but has not been confirmed. The Allen PD has said over chatter that they are looking for a Hispanic Male around 6 feet tall and around 200lb pounds. This has not been publicly confirmed by the PD yet. More to follow.

Update 17:00 CST: Allen PD are reporting that there are 2 shooters. One wearing a tactical style vest with an AR-15 and no information on the other. The PD is reporting that one is Hispanic and the other has not been identified yet. More to come on casualties and fatalities. 

Update 16:55 CST: Video is surfacing on Twitter from the location of the shooting. In the background you can hear multiple shots in the distance. Not clear if the shots are police, another pedestrian or the shooter or shooters.

At approximately 0445 EST, reports began to emerge of a mass shooting at the Allen Premium Outlets in Allen, Texas.  At least seven casualties have been reported and law enforcement agencies from four other cities are on scene. This is developing.