Russian Officials say Attempted Drone Swarm Attack on Sevastopol Repelled

Russian Officials say Attempted Drone Swarm Attack on Sevastopol Repelled


Russian officials claim they have repelled a large-scale Ukrainian drone swarm attack overnight against the key port city of Sevastopol, which is home to Russia’s Black Sea Fleet and other critical naval assets.

Russia’s Ministry of Defense reported that 22 drones were intercepted and the Interior Ministry said that there were no reports of damage or casualties. Sevastopol has become increasingly targeted by Ukrainian drone strikes, both aerial and maritime, in recent months.

Photos of one of the purported downed drowns shows a Chinese-made Mugin-5 UAV, which can be purchased commercially online for around $10,000. The system has been used by both Ukraine and Russia and is often converted to drop munitions or become a munition itself after being packed with explosives.


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