Imagery Shows Aftermath of Strikes Near Khmelnytsky

New imagery shows the extent of damage at a Soviet-era rocket fuel storage site (49.4522, 26.8742) outside of Khmelnytsky that was targeted by Russian strikes on May 13.

On May 1, Russia carried out similar strikes against a Soviet-era rocket fuel storage depot in Dnipropetrovsk. In both of these instances, the sites were known locations containing volatile fuel that were slated for disposal, but haven’t been due to funding issues.

So far there is no evidence that ammunition was stored at the site. Likewise, some sources have claimed that depleted Uranium was stored in Khmelnytsky, causing a spike in radiation after the blast. There was a recorded spike in radiation levels in the region, however, the spike happened before the strikes and the levels remain within normal background readings.

Current radiation remain with normal and safe readings at this time.