Large Raid Near Jericho, West Bank

IDF Forces a number of hours ago launched a raid on the Aqabat Jaber Refugee Camp (three kilometres south of Jericho), which reportedly resulted in at least 12 arrests, and 14 injuries. It is thus far unknown who the raid was targeting, and Palestinian groups are already claiming that those arrested were normal civilians, and not members of any militant group.

Regardless, clashes between IDF Troops and Palestinian militants took place, though there has been no word if any IDF personnel were injured during the raid.

The IDF raided over 60 houses, supposedly also including the house of Jihad Abu-al-Assal, the Governor of Jericho. Recordings have surfaced of the IDF on loudspeakers demanding the surrender of multiple people within houses.

The IDF has been significantly stepping up the frequency of their raids in the past several months, as tensions with Palestinian groups continue to soar.