Russian Official Acknowledges Ukrainian Gain in Zaporizhzhia

Vladimir Rogov, leader of the Ukrainian collaborationist organization “We Are Together With Russia”, and a Russian-installed official in the south of Ukraine, acknowledged on Sunday the Ukrainian taking of the village of Piatykhatky, Zaporizhzhia region, adding also that Ukrainian forces were entrenching themselves there while being targeted by Russian artillery. Notably this appears to be the first gain on the Zaporizhzhia front, the apparent target of the Ukrainian counteroffensive to take back Russian occupied territory that started earlier in June.

“The enemy’s ‘wave-like’ offensives yielded results, despite enormous losses,” Rogov said on his Telegram channel. He asserted heavy fighting continues. Russian officials claim Ukrainian forces have taken significant casualties in their counteroffensive efforts. Recent footage reveals that at least in equipment cost, Ukrainian forces are spending what they have, as showcased by the attack near Orikhiv that ended in many Western vehicles disabled or destroyed, but the crews alive seemingly.