Prigozhin Claims Wagner Forces are Entering Rostov but Without Evidence

In the latest statement made by Prigozhin, he claims that Wagner forces are moving into Rostov. However, it is highly important to note that these statements come without any evidence to back up the claims.

@wartranslated did an amazing job of providing a translation of Prigozhin’s audio message making these claims.

Below is Prigozhin’s message,

“The current situation: today, we were dealt a missile strike. After this strike, helicopters did their work. Then, artillery. The orders were coming from the Head of General Staff to destroy PMC Wagner.

After a meeting with the Minister of Defence Shoygu where they made this decision – to destroy the rebellious units, who are ready to defend the motherland, but not their asses.

As of now, we’ve crossed the state borders in all areas. Border guards came towards us and hugged our fighters.

Now, we’re entering Rostov.

Units of the Ministry of Defence, in fact, the conscripts who were thrown to block our path, moved away. We do not fight with children. We do not kill children. Shoygu is killing children by throwing untrained soldiers, conscripts included, into the war. He set up 18-year-old lads against us. They’re like children and grandchildren to us. Therefore, these lads will live and return to their mothers.

We only fight with professionals. But if someone stands in our path, we will destroy everything in our way. We lend a hand to anyone. No need to spit in this hand. We are moving forward, going to the end. Regarding claims regarding the arrest: this brotherhood, this justice, this honour, this conscience is what we have. But when you make these claims, you haven’t got these feelings. These feelings are destroyed. Thus, you cannot understand anything but betrayal.”