Colombian Sources Claim Ivan Marquez, Lead FARC Negotiator, has Died (Again)

Several Colombian sources are reporting that Ivan Marquez, the former leader of FARC who has become their primary political envoy, has died in Venezuela. Semana and CM& News report that Marquez died due to wounds he had sustained from an attack last year.

Ivan Marquez.

His death was first reported by CM& News, who said that the attack had left him in a “delicate health situation”. It was initially reported on July 3rd 2022 that this attack had killed him, but FARC rebels refuted the claims, proving he was alive on the 11th. This is the same attack it is being reported that he has now passed away from.

Marquez was one of the key players in both establishing and abandoning peace processes with the Colombian government.

The Colombian Military has stated that they are attempting to verify his passing.

Updates to follow should they become available