US to Destroy Remainder of Chemical Weapons Stockpile

The U.S. has almost depleted the remainder of its chemical weapons stockpile that has been around since 1973. The stockpile had been growing until the end of the cold war totaling 30,000 tons across almost 20 years of development.

The U.S. Department of Defense made an announcement in May that the last rockets containing the “V or VX” nerve agents were destroyed, bringing the U.S. one step closer to full treaty compliance.

Today, the remaining rockets containing the “GB” nerve agent are set to be destroyed in the Blue Grass Army Depot. The destruction of these weapons highlights the U.S. as well as the 193 other compliant countries commitment to removing inhumane weapons of war from the battlefield.

The U.S. has met plenty of setbacks in achieving this goal, including environmental and disposal concerns, dangerous conditions for destruction, and staffing issues.

Once the destruction is complete, it will reinforce the U.S.’s commitment to truly banning weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Paul F. Walker believes that this will show countries they can truly succeed in banning WMD with the “political will and a good verification system”.