Fortifications Around Russian Southern Military HQ

In a strange turn of events, fortifications and extra security measures now appear to have been established at the Russian Southern Military HQ in Rostov-on-Don, after earlier today General Ivan “Spartacus” Popov was dismissed from the post of commander of the 58th army and of the Southern Military District for being critical of the military structure and operations.

Report from Russian Media: “The military strengthened the defense of the headquarters of the Southern Military District (SMD). This was reported in the Telegram channel of the portal “161.RU” .

It is specified that gabions filled with sand appeared along the entire perimeter of the headquarters building (structures designed to protect against bullets and shrapnel. – Gazeta.Ru). From the side of Pushkinskaya Street, they lie in two levels, and their width reaches about 2.5 meters. Further along the perimeter – gabions lie in one level.

According to the correspondent of 161.RU, a Tiger armored car equipped with a machine gun has been standing at the main entrance to the headquarters for the third week, and a sniper is on duty on the roof of the building on Budyonnovsky Prospekt.” –Gazeta/161