Mexico Stops 500 Migrants in Two Days in Trafficking Crackdown

Mexico Stops 500 Migrants in Two Days in Trafficking Crackdown


Mexican authorities have began to crack down on transportation of migrants due to the unsafe travelling conditions. In Veracruz over 500 migrants were stopped in the last two days.

Mexican authorities have been pulling over tractor trailers headed to the U.S. border to try and prevent dangerous travel. Veracruz has been where a large majority of these stops are being made.

Many of the stops have resulted in the discovery of unaccompanied minors, as well as dangerous health conditions for those travelling. Veracruz has had temperatures around 90 degrees Fahrenheit which means tractor trailers can get up to 112 degrees Fahrenheit.

In the past, transport by trailer has resulted in the death of many immigrants on their way to the United States, including 55 deaths in a trailer in June of 2021 in Mexico, and then another in the U.S. which resulted in 53 deaths in Texas.

The traffickers nationalities have been identified as Cuban, El Salvadorian, Guatemalan, Honduran, and Nicaraguan.

Matthew Dellinger
Matthew Dellinger
Matthew Dellinger holds a Political Science and History BS and is working towards a Masters in Public Administration. Before his time at Atlas he joined GoodPolitical to serve as a writer and contributor while also expanding his knowledge on global events. Matthew is proud to be a part of a news organization that believes in delivering truthful, unfiltered, and unbiased news to people around the world.
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