Potential Trump RICO Charge

Prosecutors in Georgia are beginning to examine details about a potential RICO charge against Trump and other “actors” in the state of Georgia for “an attempted subversion conspiracy”. The Fulton County Prosecutor is named Fani Willis, a Democrat who has used RICO charges several times in the past, including against popular rapper “Young Thug”, and his YSL music label, getting them labeled as a “street gang”.

Although Ms. Willis has not commented on what kind of charges she will seek against former President Trump, people are unsure of how a trial for President Trump would go. Some believe seating a jury would be the hardest part; others believe the trial would take so long that it would be confusing to jurors, attorneys, and all involved.

Fulton County posted the charges to their website before any official filing had occurred. The case “The State of Georgia v. Trump” is identified as open, but it does not determine whether all the charges listed will be filed.

A photo allegedly posted to X (Twitter) by the Georgia District Attorney before it was apparently deleted.

It will take a Grand Jury to determine whether charges will be filed against him. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the jury is moving quicker than expected on witness statements, including those of former lieutenant governor Geoff Duncan and journalist George Chidi.

This is currently on-going and the information in this article is highly speculative and may change.