Morocco Earthquake Death Toll Surpasses 2000

Late Friday night Morocco was struck with an earthquake that has now killed above 2,000 people as rescue operations continue throughout the affected areas. Many residents of Marrakesh are sleeping outdoors due to the mass infrastructure damage of the city. Approximately 2400 people are injured, with 1400 of them being critical.

The High Atlas Mountains of Morocco have, after the initial earthquake, been subject to a number of aftershocks including a 3.9 magnitude aftershock earlier today.

Spain, Morocco’s European neighbor, has joined the list of nations that have sent aid and rescue teams, as their rescuers as well as the UK’s 60-man team arrive in Morocco to assist the government with rescue efforts.

A damaged building close by Marrakesh (Photo from Mosa’ab Elshamy/AP).
A man walks through rubble in the Moroccan town of M’zouda (Photo from Fethi Belaid/AFP – Getty Images).
A team of Spanish rescuers prepares to board a plane before heading to Morocco (Photo from AP).