Satellite Imagery Shows Damage to Russian Warships

Update (1430 EST): The below video shows first person perspective to the damage sustained on the Minsk.

As this publication reported this morning, two Russian naval vessels, the Kilo-class submarine Rostov-on-Don and the Rapucha-class landing vessel Minsk were both damaged in overnight Ukrainian cruise missile attacks. The Ukrainians claim that both ships were destroyed while the Russian Ministry of Defense claim that the ships sustained light damage and will be returned to duty. Satellite imagery comparing the two vessels in dry dock shows the extent of the damages.

In the second photo, at least one impact crater can be discerned between the two vessels while another impact crater appears to be on the Minsk herself. The blackened superstructure shows the damage from the fire after the strike. However, it is much more difficult to discern the damage on the Rostov-on-Don due to its color and prominence from the dry dock. Either way, even if both ships were undamaged, removing them from the 15th Ship Repair facility will prove difficult and time consuming considering the damage.