Safe Water Ordered to Derna, Libya, 6 Days After Flood

Libya’s central government, based in Tripoli, has today ordered the delivery of safe drinking water to the city of Derna, 6 days after it was hit by a massive flood. The government determined the water within Derna to be “polluted”, thus the Prime Minister ordered the delivery.

The order from the Prime Ministers office.

Derna on Monday was hit by a massive flood after Storm Daniel caused 2 large dams to break. The water from the dams sailed down a valley into the city of Derna causing immense destruction, and killed over 11,000 people. Footage of the before and after of the city shows a completely altered landscape, as entire neighbourhoods of the city of 100,000 have disappeared. At least 10,000 still remain missing several days into the search as authorities say search efforts could take years due to the amount of bodies that were likely swept into the ocean.

Notably, this delivery of safe drinking water comes from the Tripoli government, and not the forces of Field Marshal Haftar who is technically in control of Derna.