American Volunteer Killed in Ukraine

Several sources have confirmed that Dalton “Gimli” Medlin, an American veteran volunteering with Ukraine’s “Chosen Company” was killed on Wednesday while fighting against Russian forces.

According to Chosen Company Commander Ryan O’Leary:

“Chosen Company lost a brother recent while attacking a heavily fortified position. Gimli volunteered and pushed forward, leading a team to recon an enemy area. Unfortunately, he was wounded during fighting, & Gimli passed away from his wounds.

Gimli joined Chosen in January/Feb of 2023. He was brave, fearless, dedicated, and always placed his brothers first. He excelled as a grenadier and at soldiering in general. He stayed Laser focused both in and out of combat. His smile was contagious, as was hisLaugh. As a commander, I could not have hoped for a better soldier, friend, and brother.”