Rockets Impact Tel-Aviv, Hamas Military Claims Responsibility and States Retaliation for Palestinian Tower Strikes

Tel Aviv is currently under heavy rocket attack from Al-Qassam, the military wing of Hamas, who is claiming 150 rockets are being fired at the city as retaliation for the Palestinian Towers being destroyed by IDF strikes earlier.

Impacts are being recorded in various parts of Tel-Aviv and central Israel. At least 9 wounded in the rocket barrage tonight as of posting 2pm EST.

Multiple people are dead and multiple wounded following the targeting of a house in the Gaza Strip Shaboura camp in Rafah, Palestine, also tonight according to Palestinian online channels.

In Israel the total toll of both military and civilians reaches 200 killed, over 1,100 wounded, as reported by the Israeli government.

In Palestine, 198 killed and over 1,610 wounded, also military and civilian combined numbers, as reported by the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza.

Israeli government sessions taking place are now suspended due to rocket strikes according to Israeli news. Shelters activated previously when rockets were coming in.

This morning the initial barrage of rockets from Gaza factions was 5000 reportedly into Israel. This was also followed by widespread airstrikes by Israeli forces across the Gaza Strip.

As well this is excluding more individual strikes and direct and indirect attacks that have occurred during this conflict in the past day.