Israel Accused of Using White Phosphorous Munitions

Two videos have emerged claiming to show the use of White Phosphorous munitions being deployed by the IDF in both Gaza and Lebanon.

The deployment of White Phosphorous (WP) is being referred to by many as illegal, or as a war crime, however when it comes to WP, it being illegal or not is determined by its use. Meaning, it is not outright banned as many claim. It faces certain regulations due to it having incendiary effects.

Namely, it cannot be deployed against civilians, in high-civilian concentration areas, or against military targets if they are within civilian areas.

WP is oftentimes used as a smokescreen in order to mask infantry movements, to obscure low flying aircraft from small-arms fire, and a number of other purposes.

Part of the determining factor of legality or illegality is the intent behind its use, which is of course, subject to whoever it is that deployed it, and is difficult to measure.