Israel-Palestine Casualty Update

Both the Israeli and Palestinian Ministries of health have released updated counts for casualties incurred in the present war over the last two days.


“*The Ministry of Health updates on 2243 wounded who were evacuated to the hospitals as of Sunday, October 8, 23, at 19:30*

Of them: 22 human, 343 severe, 439 moderate, 1093 mild, 50 anxiety and 187 in medical evaluation”.

Sources put the amount killed at around 600, however some estimates put it closer to 700.


Palestine’s Ministry of Health has also released an updated casualty figure. Their statement may be read below. Notably, the totals do not distinguish between civilian and militant casualties.

“Palestinian Ministry of Health:

(10-8-2023 at 8:50 pm):
Martyrs and wounded as a result of the occupation’s aggression, (421 martyrs in the West Bank and Gaza Strip).

– Gaza Strip: 413 martyrs, including 78 children and 41 women, and about 2,300 wounded.
– Ramallah: two martyrs
– Jericho: two martyrs
– Qalqilya: one child martyr
– Hebron: two martyrs
– Nablus: one martyr

The total number of casualties in the West Bank governorates: over 70 injuries with varying degrees”.

Both casualty estimates are what either Ministry has confirmed. In actuality, the real casualties are likely distinctly higher.