Qatar Reportedly Not Releasing Iran’s Frozen 6b

CBS news has begun reporting that the US and Qatar have reached a “Quiet understanding” on the 6 billion dollars in unfrozen Iranian assets. That being, that Qatar would not release it for Iranian use.

In September an Iran-US prisoner swap deal took place which not only saw several Iranians and Americans freed, but also saw 6b in Iranian assets unfrozen by the US. The 6b was then deposited into a Qatari account, where it faces heavy restriction on its use. The 6b is only to be used for humanitarian purposes. Despite the deal taking place a number of weeks ago, no funds have left the account.

CBS is reporting that a potential reason behind this is that the US and Qatar have more or less silently agreed that none of the money will be released to Iran.

Many have speculated that the US’s 6b that was released may have funded Hamas’s present attack upon Israel, directly or indirectly. Two days ago, we wrote an article which goes into that subject at depth, which may be viewed here.