Biden Reaffirms Support to Ukraine and Israel in Oval Office Address, Key Points Listed

Key take aways from Biden’s address:

  • Biden said that he will “pursue every avenue” to bring home Americans being held hostage by Hamas in Gaza, which is believed to be at least 13.
  • He called Hamas “evil” and said that the group does not represent the Palestinian people, adding that the United States is committed to the Palestinian right to dignity and self determination, which is not taken away by the actions of Hamas.
  • Reaffirmed earlier statements that the explosion at the Arab Baptist Hospital in Central Gaza was not caused by an Israeli airstrike, but rather a misfired PIJ rocket.
    • Palestinian authorities have maintained that Israel is to blame, claiming that hundreds of civilians were killed.
  • Compared Hamas’ assault on Israel to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, stating that “Hamas and Putin represent different threat, but share the goal of destruction of democracy.”
  • Said that continued aid to Ukraine and Israel matters because “when terrorists and dictators do not pay a price for their actions, more harm will be done.”
  • He said that “Putin’s violence won’t stop at Ukraine” and that if Russia attacks a NATO ally, America will defend them.
    • “We do not seek American troops in Russia… fighting Russia,” Biden said
  • Biden said that “Our adversaries are watching response to Ukraine and that “aggressors will be emboldened to do the same in Indo-Pacific and Middle East.”
  • Noted Iran’s support for Russia and Hamas
  • Stated that tomorrow, he will send a budget request to congress to support Israel and Ukraine, which will “pay dividends in American security and keep troops out of harms way.”
    • He said that Israel will “get what they need” and will be a sign of “unprecedented commitment to Israeli security.”
      • “Make sure the Iron Dome guards skies over Israel.”
    • He said he will ask Congress to continue to send Ukraine the weapons they need to defend themselves without interruption.
      • Says that Putin has failed and continues to fail, stating that Ukraine has regained 50% of lost territory with international support.
      • “I will not send American troops to fight in Ukraine.”
  • Said that people of Gaza need food water and medicine, in which the first UN shipment of aid to Palestinian civilians will begin soon. He added that if Hamas does not intervene in the aid shipments, they will be sustained.
  • Emphasized the rise of antisemitism and islamophobia in America since the conflict broke out, where he goes on to say Americans must “hold on to values that make us what we are, religious freedom and freedom to disagree.”
    • Specifically mentioned the murder of 6 year old Palestinian-American Wadea Al-Fayoume by his mother’s landlord, in what authorities are investigating as a hate crime.
  • “Refuse to let Putin and terrorists win.”