Joe Biden’s Trip to Israel Recap

U.S President Joe Biden’s trip to Israel during the current Israel-Hamas war recapitulated:

-Due to the disputed blast at the Al-Ahli Hospital in northern Gaza Strip, Biden’s portion of his Middle East trip to Jordan to meet King Abdullah II, and to meet Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, were both canceled by the respective leaders.

-Biden plans to push for billions more in aid, likely mostly military, for Israel through Congress in the coming months. It is possible due to an influx of military shipment to both Ukraine previously, and now Israel, that more government efforts and funding requests will emerge to replenish U.S emergency military stockpiles. Biden affirmed support for Israeli military actions but warned Netanyahu not to fail to protect Palestinian civilians in the fight against Hamas.

-Biden called with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi on Wednesday and agreed to work further on UN humanitarian aid shipments crossing from Egypt into Gaza. Biden later told reporters he had secured an agreement to allow 20 trucks of unspecified aid pass through the Rafah border crossing once damage to the road inflicted by Israeli airstrikes is repaired. He also warned in Hamas interferes or steals any of the shipments it would likely mean the end of any international aid. Currently more than 100 aid trucks on Thursday are currently on standby at the border crossing in Egypt waiting for the greenlight.

-Biden said the U.S would provide $100 million in new humanitarian aid funding to Gaza and occupied West Bank in Palestine.