Thousands March for Palestine in Berlin

Thousands of pro-Palestine protestors took to the streets of Berlin on Saturday to voice their support for Palestine amid Israeli bombardments on Gaza, which have resulted in an estimated 9,200 deaths, according to the Gaza health ministry.

The protests were reportedly largely peaceful, with many protestors taking to the streets alongside family members.

“Save Gaza”, “Stop genocide,” and “Ceasefire” were seen on protestor’s placards, while many could be heard shouting “Free Gaza” while marching.

Organizers previously stated they expected an estimated 2,000 participants; however, police estimated there could be at least 10,000 and deployed some 1,400 officers to oversee the march.

Authorities expressed concerns the protest may turn violent following German lawmakers banning activities associated with Hamas alongside the pro-Palestinian group, Samidoun; however, no reports of violence have surfaced.