IDF Arrests al-Shifa Hospital Director

The IDF has announced that they have arrested the director of the al-Shifa hospital, which is Gaza’s largest medical centre. They claim the arrest took place based upon what they claim to be evidence that the hospital had been used as a Hamas headquarters, under his direct management.

They further stated he had been transferred to the Shin Bet (an Israeli security agency) for questioning.

Gaza’s ministry of health (MoH) confirmed the arrest and stated he was arrested alongside another doctor as well as two nurses.

The Gazan MoH expressed anger towards the WHO about the arrest, as the medical personnel were travelling in a WHO convoy when they were stopped by the IDF, and arrested.

Gaza’s MoH has said they will stop coordinating with the WHO on evacuations until they receive an explanation as to what happened.

Hamas condemned the arrest, and called for the immediate release of the director and the other medical staff he was arrested with.