Livingston, Kentucky, Evacuated after Train Derailment Spills Molten Sulphur

Yesterday Afternoon, at approximately 2:30pm a train derailed just north of the Kentucky town of Livingston. The derailment involved 16 cars, however 2 of the cars were filled with molten sulphur, which has resulted in a fire that as of this morning was only 50% contained.

The molten sulphur, when it burns, releases sulphur dioxide which causes irritation to the eyes, nose, and throat. Due to the derailments proximity to Livingston, the town of 5,000 have received evacuation recommendations from authorities, prompting the majority to evacuate.

CSX, the company that owns the train that derailed, has secured varying hotels in nearby Mt. Vernon for those displaced by the spillage, and has been working with local restaurants in order to provide food for those in need.

Those who evacuated will not be allowed to return until authorities detect 0 sulphur dioxide in the air.