First Israeli Hostages and Palestinian Prisoners Released

The first day of the Hamas-Israel ceasefire has thus far gone according to plan, with the first batch of Israeli hostages and Palestinian prisoners having been released.

Hamas released a total of 24 hostages. In accordance with the deal with Israel, 13 Israeli hostages were released to the Red Cross, who transferred them to Egypt. Outside of the deal, however, Hamas additionally released 10 Thai nationals and 1 Filipino national who they had been holding captive. Hostages released are to be flown to Israel out of Egypt to hospitals in order to receive any treatment they may need, and to be reunited with their families.

Israel released 39 Palestinians from its prisons, 24 of which were women with the remaining 15 being teenaged males. The majority of prisoners to be released by Israel are held on “national security” charges, mostly for things such as throwing stones.

As part of the release deal, 200 relief aid trucks alongside 4 fuel trucks have entered Gaza through the Rafah border crossing between Gaza and Egypt. While the fuel trucks provide much needed relief for Gaza’s critical infrastructure (such as water treatment plants and hospitals), the trucks carry a mere 1/10th of Gaza’s daily fuel requirements.

Both sides have stated their intention to continue fighting after this temporary ceasefire is over.