Third Hamas Hostage Transfer Completed

The IDF and the Red Cross have confirmed that Hamas transferred 17 more hostages to the Red Cross. The 17 released include 13-14 Israeli’s and 3-4 foreign nationals, including 1 Russian citizen.

Hamas directly stated that one of the foreign nationals released was Russian, as a way of “appreciation of the Russian position in support of the Palestinian cause”. The full statement reads:

“In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Press Statement

In response to the efforts of Russian President Vladimir Putin and in appreciation of the Russian position in support of the Palestinian cause, the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas released a detainee who held Russian citizenship”.

Notably, the IDF posted stating that they had received 14 Israeli’s and 3 foreign nationals. 1 Russian, and 2 Thai citizens. This number differs, however, from both Hamas and Qatari government claims that 13 Israeli’s, and 3 Thai citizens were released alongside the 1 Russian. The reason for the number disparity is not exactly clear.

Each day in accordance with the ceasefire deal Hamas is to release hostages, and Israel is to release Palestinian prisoners. While the Hamas hostage release is confirmed, there has yet to be any confirmation if Israel has yet to release todays group of Palestinian prisoners. However, Qatari government officials have stated they plan to release them later today.