U.S. Airstrikes Reportedly Target Iranian-Backed Militants, Deir Ezzor, Syria

Update (1041 EST, December 30th, 2023): Reuters reporting that the U.S. military did not carry out airstrikes in al-Bukamal, indicating that Israel carried out the strikes. As of 0700 EST today, SOHR has reported that up to 19 Iranian-backed militia members are now dead, including 15 foreign nationals in this strike.

Update (1959 EST): The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has now claimed that three command posts of Iranian militias and the IRGC were struck. Their report reads below:

“A headquarters belonging to the 47th Regiment of the Revolutionary Guard, and a headquarters near Aisha Hospital, in addition to warehouses in the vicinity of the city, which is under almost complete control of Iranian militias.”

Update (1911 EST): Pro-Syria opposition outlets are now claiming that one IRGC captain, five Hezbollah members, four Fatemiyoun militants killed and 20 others have been injured by this U.S. airstrike.

Update (1902 EST): Sabereen has now claimed that four Lebanese men were killed in the airstrike, along with their transportation vehicle.

At approximately 1712 EST, several explosions were registered in al-Bukamal, Deir Ezzor, Syria. Eyewitnesses reported that an airstrike targeted vehicles at the al-Hajana roundabout in the town.

By 1730 EST, pro-militia outlet Sabereen reported no casualties and only material losses in the U.S. airstrike. However, as of this publication, eyewitness accounts are claiming that four people were killed when a single transportation vehicle was destroyed.

There has been no comment from the U.S. government as of this publication.

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Ethan Alun
Ethan Alun
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