Ecuador TV Station Stormed, Crew Taken Hostage Amidst Wider Unrest

UPDATE: Ecuadorian police have entered the building to free the TV crew, also broadcasted on live television.

An Ecuadorian News Station’s TV Crew has been taken hostage on a live broadcast after the station was stormed by a criminal group.

Videos have been taken of the broadcast which shows the criminals flaunting around what appears to be various explosives, including one which was temporarily placed into the suit pocket of one of the TV crew.

The storming comes amidst a wider wave of unrest after notorious Los Cheneros gang leader Jose “Fito” Macias escaped from a Guayaquil prison yesterday, prompting the Ecuadorian government to declare a state of emergency, and mobilize its military.

Several riots have broken out at at least 6 other prisons across Ecuador, which have seen a number of guards taken hostage. Additionally, several attacks have taken place throughout the country as Ecuadorian police and military search for Macias.