Police Reportedly Kill Several Civilians, Papua New Guinea

Update: the casualty count now stands at 15 people, eight of whom died in the unrest in Port Moresby while seven others were killed in Lea.

The Chinese embassy has issued a warning to all Chinese civilians in the country to find shelter before calling on the Chinese military to take “strong measures” in order to protect Chinese civilians and to “punish the perpetrators severely.”

At least one person was reportedly shot by police for alleged looting by Papua New Guinean police on Thursday following rioting and looting sparked by a police strike in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea’s capital, on Wednesday.

Five others, including a child, have also been reportedly killed during the chaos in Lea City, Papua New Guinea’s second-largest city.

Police are currently attempting to restore order and have enacted several roadblocks.

The alleged looter (Photo – Naks Naki/Facebook)

This story is developing.