Slovakia Receives First Two of Ordered F-16s

Slovakia placed an order for 14 F-16s Block 70s in 2018 for 1.8 billion dollars. Slovakia has received two aircraft so far. The delivery of these aircraft will continue through 2025 according to Lockheed Martin. 


Slovakian F-16 Block 70 Jet (Credit:Lockheed Martin)

The Block 70 variant of the F-16 boasts an improved structural life of 12,000 hours, 50% longer than the prior variant of the F-16. It has an improved engine, larger fuel tanks, 5th-generation radar, and a wide array of available weapon integration.

According to Breaking Defense, Slovakia is the first European operator of the Block 70 variant of F-16s. 

There has been a large increase in interest by American allied countries for the procurement of Block 70 jets. Bahrain, Greece, South Korea, Bulgaria, Taiwan, and Morocco have all placed orders for the aircraft.