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Majoring in International Relations with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies.



Captagon: The Middle East’s Drug of Choice

What you need to know: Captagon, an amphetamine popular among terror groups and civilians in the Middle East, is funding terror group operations and increasing the lethality of these organizations. The market for these pills is massive and could escalate...

U.S. Air Force Selects Manufacturers for Autonomous Fleet

The Basics: On January 25th, the United States Air Force announced they had selected five companies to develop autonomous aircraft for the Air Force’s Collaborative Combat Aircraft (CCA) program. The selected companies are Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Anduril, and General...

U.S. Citizen Arrested in Russia for Drug Trafficking

What Happened: On January 9, 2024, Robert Romanov Woodland was arrested in Moscow for “attempted illegal acquisition, storage, transportation of narcotic drugs” according to the Russian State-Owned news service, RIA Novosti.  The Russian Foreign Ministry reported that Mr. Woodland would be...

Israel and Palestine as it Stands: An Analysis

The Situation: It's been three months since Hamas launched Operation Al-Aqsa Flood which led to the killing of hundreds and the kidnapping of dozens of Israeli and foreign citizens. Commercial ships moving in the Red Sea have come under fire...

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