Houses Destroyed by New Lava Flow, Grindavik, Iceland

As this publication reported in early-December, seismic activity and the exposure of a magma fissure near Grindavik, Iceland resulted in the mass evacuation of the major polar city. By December 18th, 2023 a large fissure had opened North of Grindavik, but, that flow did not approach the city.

However, at approximately 1615 EST on January 13th, 2024, a new evacuation order was issued urging residents to flee. By 0300 EST last night, a new volcano erupted, this time much closer to Grindavik.

Mount Porbjorn reportedly moved 20cm to the West in a massive upheaval as the volcano continued to erupt and pool lava. By 0330 EST, the lava flow had penetrated the shield wall North of the city. At 0400 EST, the Icelandic National Police Commissioner declared a state of emergency as lava approached to within 400m of houses. The lava flow also began igniting gas and water lines, adding fuel to the fires and flow.

The below map from the Icelandic Meteorological Office shows where the fissure opened North of Grindavik.

By 0919 EST, the first residential structures succumbed to the lava flow. As of this publication, multiple structures have been destroyed by the flow in the Efrahop neighborhood on the North side of the city.

This is ongoing.