New Magma Fissure Opens in Grindavik

As this publication reported today, a new magma fissure erupted North of Grindavik. However, in the last hour, a new fissure has opened within Grindavik. The report from the Icelandic Meteorological Office reads below:

”The eruption near Hagafell-Grindavík has maintained the same strength for the past hour or so.

Seismic measurements show that at the beginning of the unrest this morning (~2:30 am), the magma filled dike intrusion initially moved from the SE edge of Stóra-Skógfell and then continued southwest to the southern end of Grindavík. At 5:30 am seismicity had reached the northern end of Grindavík and both seismicity and deformation measurements indicate the dike has since propagated beneath Grindavík town. A new eruptive fissure opened at 12:10 this afternoon, just north of the town. Lava flows extruded from this fissure have now entered the town.

Due to the dike propagation, existing faults and fractures were reactivated and likely new fractures formed within Grindavík.”

Meaning that the flow of recently reported lava into town, combined with the seismic activity that opened the earlier fissure North of town, has now activated a new fissure within Grindavik.

This is developing.